London venue introduces Green Leaf mark on back of nutritional information research

Research by London venue 30 Euston Square has revealed that 65% of its delegates would like to see more nutritional information on food served at events.

The results prompted the venue to launch its Green Leaf motif across daytime menus to indicate healthier lifestyle options such as those lower in certain fats and sugars, or making use of superfoods, grains and spices known to be beneficial to the mind and body.

Nearly a quarter (24%) of delegate respondents asked for full nutritional information on each dish, with a further 41% requesting colour codes similar to the traffic light system commonly found in supermarkets.

The results are supported by event organisers taking part in the research, with 61% of them supporting the need for communication of nutritional information, and 34% opting for some form of signposting system.

30 Euston Square’s latest hospitality brochure highlights healthier options with a Green Leaf, and the motif will also be displayed to delegates attending events, allowing them to choose food and beverage options appropriate to their needs.

“In a more health conscious world, with frequent media coverage on the need to be healthier, the desire for nutritional information is no real surprise,” says the venue’s GM Yvette Chatwin.

“Whilst a full traffic light system could well be necessary in all venues in the future, we are listening to our client’s current needs and delivering simple solutions that will help them identify healthy options, hence the launch the Green Leaf. The symbol is simple to understand and has been easy for us to introduce across the venue. Above all else, these results demonstrate the need for improved communication between chefs and consumers, whatever form that may take.”

Examples of dishes showing the Green Leaf from the Holy Smokes BBQ menu (part of 30 Euston Square’s summer package offering) include:

  • Tuna steaks finished with salsa verde
  • Ginger and lemon grass marinated pavé of salmon
  • Chicken marinated with lemon, oregano and basil
  • So Cool ice cream bar serving fat free frozen yoghurt and sorbet
  • Sweet potato and jalapeno burger

The research, across 177 participants included delegates (26%) and organisers (74%).

Paul Colston


Paul Colston

Managing Editor, Conference News & Conference & Meetings World.

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