Live Streaming: the vital tech ingredient for a successful event

By Kelly McGibney, events executive (corporate), Sadler’s Wells

In a time when events professionals are inundated with a variety of functions to attend, it sometimes can be difficult to get them through the door to take part in a live event. However, with our modern, busy lifestyle comes a simple, progressive method that ensures your event achieves optimum attendance and coverage – bringing your message to your audience via live streaming.

Live streaming is quickly becoming a crucial piece of event technology, with its use now an integral element to the modern-day events industry. The benefits of live streaming are endless, with possibilities ranging from your event going global to re-using the live footage of your event on several different platforms and building a continuous audience.

So, what makes live streaming so important? Firstly, the use of live streaming diversifies your audience and allows your event to make a global impact on audiences all around the world. This is a highly effective way of raising your venue’s profile. For example, at Sadler’s Wells our clients use live streaming for all sorts of purposes, including broadcasting prestigious events such as Tedx London. Tedx London is due to be live streamed from Sadler’s Wells on 4th June 2017 and will focus on the theme of ‘confidence’.

Without live streaming, you could find your event becoming constricted to a limited audience who are only local to your area or region and who may not bring the diversity and expertise that you are looking for. Opening your event up via live streaming allows for an unlimited audience, which is especially important when it comes to invitees who are not able to make it in person but are still interested in what your event has to offer them.

The reason for wanting a larger audience is simple – the more people who view your content, the higher the chance of gaining more influence in the future. The events industry is now dealing with budget constrictions which may not always allow for travel costs to your event. Companies are therefore turning towards solutions that allow them to reach a global scale without the hassle of visas and high travel costs. Live streaming allows online interaction that could lead to doing business together in the future.

Another benefit of live streaming your event is the ability to record your stream and archive it for future purposes. By recording your event via the live stream, you are developing an asset that can be re-used numerous times across a variety of online platforms including social media, which can be a simple and cost-effective method to promote your business. This method of recording and sharing online means you are continuously pulling in audiences who may not have previously heard of your event at the time it was happening but are intrigued to know more, leading to enquiries about future events.

Given the high expectations of today’s audiences who are used to quality online viewing, it is more important than ever before to ensure your live stream is of the highest quality. At Sadler’s Wells, we focus on offering an extremely high technical specification, using dedicated services to ensure this is consistent.

In summary; by making the best use of today’s technology, live streaming has endless possibilities, whether it’s publicising your event on a global scale or using the footage for training purposes. If used strategically, live streaming can raise your profile by reaching more people and bringing you more business opportunities than ever before.

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Conference News hosts great guests on its pages. Our Blog section is the collection of the best opinions in the UK and international events industry.

ConferenceNews Guest Author


ConferenceNews Guest Author

Conference News hosts great guests on its pages. Our Blog section is the collection of the best opinions in the UK and international events industry.

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