Eventopedia reveals 41% use Event Tech

Eventopedia has revealed that that 41% of (107) registrants at its conference on 19 January are using Event Tech for their 2017 events, with 48% outlining they ‘may be’ incorporating usage of Event Tech into their 2017 events.

Held at etc.venues’ County Hall, London, the technology company invited global media intelligence company Gorkana to keynote and explain the tangible ROI delivered by Event Tech.

Gorkana event & marketing manager, Victoria Morrison, delivered the keynote before joining a panel session moderated by experienced conference host, Jeremy Jacobs, and comprising Event Tech CEOs Mike Piddock of Glisser, and Clemi Hardie of Noodle Live.

The 60-strong audience of event planners, who were joined by a Facebook live stream audience, learned what practitioners need to know to get a seat at the board table. Morrison outlined the importance of defining holistic objectives to measure successes through the different stages of the event management process – pre, during and post event. She went on to suggest suggested that the opportunity for technology & data to make a positive difference for event professionals is massive.

“The value of live events is given greater visibility by linking the measurement of Gorkana’s tactics back to the organisations’ objectives”, said Victoria.

A Glisser poll run during the event found that 77.8% of event planners currently measure the success of their events

  • The most popular metrics were identified as:
  • 27% Attendee satisfaction surveys
  • 9% Show Rate
  • 18% Number of Attendees
  • 46% £ ROI

Mike Piddock, CEO of Event Tech Glisser, likened the emergence and importance of Event Tech to 1849 San Francisco and the Gold Rush.

“Metrics used in the right way can be transformative for live events. There is a massive opportunity to utilise data – like other sectors – to provide meaningful context to the value of live events, and to help event professionals demonstrate this to colleagues across their businesses who may not understand the impact they are having.”

Glisser shared that, on average, 25% of a corporate marketing budget is spent on events, yet it is the piece event planners can measure the least

Addressing the issue of clients paying for data, Morrison, said, “On average, clients allocate about 10% of their PR budgets on measuring their campaigns. There is no reason why it shouldn’t be the same for events.”

Martin Fullard


Martin Fullard

Martin Fullard: journalist, presenter, producer. Martin is the Deputy Editor at Conference News and Conference & Meetings World magazines. He leads the digital channels on Mash Media’s Conference Division as well as heading up Mash TV. He is formerly a web editor at a national newspaper in the Middle East and motoring journalist.

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