Top 5 tips for visual branding

By Alain Milgrom, CEO of European promotional textiles company SOL’S.

Visual branding is increasingly important in the contemporary events and conference industry, where multiple brands are often vying for customers’ attention, both on- and offline.

Here, are five top tips to make a great visual impact at your conference:

1. Uniforms: Uniforms are an important, but subtle factor in your conference’s success. By using the same colours, visuals and/or logos used in the conference branding, attendees can identify even more with the brand as it becomes more visible. Uniforms are also an important aspect of conference logistics as attendees can easily recognise conference staff when searching for information – this is particularly useful for large-scale conferences. Finally, by adapting the uniform to the type of event (T-shirt vs shirt) the uniform helps to set the tone of the event and can easily reflect the conference brand values.

2. Goody Bags: With the carrier bag levy in place, the demand for good quality, reusable bags is higher than ever and, as such, investing in a good quality branded goody bag makes more sense than ever before. Every time one of last year’s attendees takes a trip to the supermarket, they’re advertising your event to next year’s potential attendees.

3. Branded stationary: is an obvious element, but just like the carrier bags, investing wisely can also give you ongoing advertising for your next event. Personalised notepads and pens will be reused after the event, and may increase brand awareness among people who might be interested in attending your next event.

4. Displays: When handing out programmes, industry magazines, etc. investing in the correct stands and display cases can add another level of professionalism to the event. These extra touches may well encourage an attendee looking to host their own event to come to you to run it.

5. Online: Visibility does not just extend to the physical world, but to the online world too. Make sure your event has an easy, relevant hashtag, and that your conference accounts are not only branded, but also seen to be very active online. Note: Visibility is important all year round, not just during conference time. If yours is an annual/seasonal event, make sure to post regular content online, as this will help you to maintain your online presence, which can then be wielded to create hype for the next conference.

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Paul Colston

Managing Editor, Conference News & Conference & Meetings World.


Paul Colston


Paul Colston

Managing Editor, Conference News & Conference & Meetings World.

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