Top 7 things that make or break an event

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By Emma Wright – general manager at The Hatch Bar/Euro Hostel, Liverpool

Over the past decade Liverpool’s landscape has changed dramatically, and none so more than the commercial district. As part of this welcome resurgence, the city’s business community has evolved to become more than just a corporate workforce.

During a time when the establishment and expansion of both independent and renowned firms are currently on the increase, delegates are experiencing a greater element of fun in the workplace thanks to the nature of doing business in the fast-paced city.

Companies are keen to invest time and money into corporate events that break the mould, in comparison to traditional boardroom meetings and social office-based gatherings. From launches and networking events to team away-days, corporate occasions are now more than ever taking place outside of the company’s four-walls to keep guests engaged and interested.

When it comes to holding an event that ticks all of the boxes, businesses must consider the following key elements to ensure a successful, memorable and most importantly fun event:

1. Location and capacity

Location is the primary factor as it must be convenient and accessible. The capacity of a venue must also be in line with the scale of the event; about 1sqm per person is the norm.

2. Appeal to your target market

So that your event is well received by guests, it must reflect the tone of your business and in turn suit the lifestyle and interests of your customer-base.

3. Determine the best day and time

Depending on the objective of your event, it is essential to consider the best time for it to take place. Whether it’s a daytime away day or after work soiree, it is important to do your research to highlight any potential event clashes or notable citywide occasions.

4. Collaborate with like-minded businesses

To maximise connections, you could consider the possibility of teaming up with a business that shares the same synergy and similar clientele. With the potential to generate mutual affiliations, this will benefit both parties.

5. Interesting surroundings

A change of scenery is a great way of keeping things novel and fresh. Rather than being confined to the all too familiar office setting, exclusive venue hire with the additions of a private bar, intimate seating areas, ample floor space and entertainment help to rejig the traditional corporate event itinerary and create more of a natural, unforced and enjoyable social occasion.

6. Food and drink

Be it a breakfast business meeting, a group lunch or an after hours event, food and drink is a must. A good food selection goes on to make a lasting impression as gone are the days of boring beige finger-food. When it comes to selecting drinks for evening occasions, signature cocktails that pay homage to the specific event always tend to go down a treat.

7. Audio and visuals

From high-speed Wi-Fi and electrical outlets to big screen televisions and audio surround-sound, these are important factors that you must consider to allow you to plan the structure and flow of your event and suitably prep for presentations, speeches etc.

Martin Fullard

Martin Fullard is the Deputy Editor at Conference News. Formerly a web editor at a national newspaper in the Middle East and motoring journalist.

Martin Fullard


Martin Fullard

Martin Fullard is the Deputy Editor at Conference News. Formerly a web editor at a national newspaper in the Middle East and motoring journalist.

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