Revealed: What ruins the chances of a successful meeting

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Fifty-six percent of business people say that “being unprepared” is the one factor most likely to jeopardise the success of a meeting, according to a new survey from Lumi.

The survey was designed to pinpoint what prevents a large corporate meeting, company town hall, webinar, launch or conference from being successful.

Surprisingly, lack of preparation was even more unpopular than lateness, although late arrivals were still seen as a major frustration by 51% of those polled.

Attendees using laptops and phones was also reported as a cause of frustration, with 33% saying this as a major source of irritation. Other annoyances included meetings that overrunning and a lack of agenda.

Commenting on the results, Lumi’s managing director Peter Eyre said: “Increasingly large global companies are trying to improve internal communications and employee engagement by holding town hall style meetings where company business is discussed and questions from the floor are actively encouraged.

“The results of our survey show that the need for interaction at these and other business meetings is being taken more seriously. But to make the most of this, attendees need to be ready to ask questions.

“Organisers should be aware of this and help by publishing agendas well in advance and giving suitable notice of meeting content.”

Martin Fullard


Martin Fullard

Martin Fullard is the Deputy Editor at Conference News. Formerly a web editor at a national newspaper in the Middle East and motoring journalist.

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