Getting down with the ducks

Lakeside Hotel & Spa has teamed up with Kendal-based See Events to launch a series of Lakeland Country Pursuits, one of which is certain to drive your delegates absolutely quackers.

Windermere, one of the Lake District’s biggest lakes, is home to the region’s largest population of ducks, geese and swans, don’t you know.

Water fowl, though, on it’s own, isn’t something to get too excited about, unless you’re an ornithologist, or a child. However, what say you to a spot of mild “duck herding?”

Now we have your attention…

Lakeside Hotel & Spa has teamed up with Kendal-based See Events to launch a series of outdoor pursuits, which includes more conventional activities like archery and laser clay pigeon shooting.

However, topping the list surely has to be duck herding – getting down with the ducks is sure to be a crowd-pleaser. Groups can take on the challenge of duck herding at this peaceful retreat on the southern shore of Windermere.

Expert guides will be on hand for half or full day team-building events, using trained sheep dogs to herd the waddling water game into a duck pen and a closing pen – all against the clock.

At the business end, and once your duck are all lined up, companies can head over to one of nine conference suites and a series of syndicate areas, all fully equipped with fibre optic WiFi. The air-conditioned Lakeside suite can accommodate between 60 and 100 delegates, with another eight suites being able to hold up to 30 people.

During the day, Lakeside’s landscaped gardens provide space for walking as well as moments of quiet reflection alongside the lakeshore. Delegates will be refuelled throughout with copious supplies of tea and coffee, platefuls of scrumptious Danish pastries, along with homemade scones and local damson jam and clotted cream.

However, so as to not arouse suspicion among the local duck community, we advise you leave the plum sauce at home.

Martin Fullard


Martin Fullard

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