Candy Crushed: One in three fall asleep in meetings

One in three people have confirmed that they feel drowsy or have fallen asleep in meetings after lunch.

A global survey conducted by Hilton suggests that 44% of British, German and US meeting delegates are less productive and alert in meetings between 2pm and 4pm.

The survey noted that there was a relationship between drowsy delegates and meetings that failed to provide healthy food or provide adequate breaks.

When enthusiasm begins to wane, British delegates find themselves reaching for their smartphones, with over half of Britons confessing to sending unimportant emails and texts, while one in five admitted to playing games or following sports results.

Candy Crush or no Candy Crush, 86% of Britons recognise the importance of a mid-afternoon stretch and how it can improve productivity, while 80% know to avoid heavy lunches. Some 72% said that they prefer locally sourced healthy food to be available during meetings.

Michael Poux, general manager of Hilton Bournemouth, said: “Hilton’s research validates a challenge we’ve heard often from customers, that is meeting attendees are eating healthier and exercising more frequently and want to maintain this lifestyle while travelling for business.

“With thousands of meetings taking place every day across more than 4,700 properties worldwide, we are pleased to be able to make an impact through the introduction of our new ‘Meet with Purpose’ programme. With this, we are reinvigorating meetings to boost business outcomes, enhance attendee experiences and exceed client goals through our customisable programmes with even more menu, exercise and sustainable solutions.”

Hilton’s Meet with Purpose programme has been rolled out across all the brand’s UK hotels as well across Europe and in the United Arab Emirates.

It aims to address the needs of meetings attendees with a range of solutions to overcome productivity issues, such as providing nutritious meals, exercise and sustainability elements.

Martin Fullard


Martin Fullard

Martin Fullard: journalist, presenter, producer. Martin is the Deputy Editor at Conference News and Conference & Meetings World magazines. He leads the digital channels on Mash Media’s Conference Division as well as heading up Mash TV. He is formerly a web editor at a national newspaper in the Middle East and motoring journalist.

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