A ‘tilt’ at the business card model

Motivational speaker Shed Simove has created an app that sprang from his experience of presenting at conferences around the world and which convinced him ‘business cards are dead’.

Returning from conferences after presenting as a motivational speaker, I’d find my suit pockets bulging full of business cards from people who wanted to connect with me or book me for another speaking gig in the future. In the latter case, it was especially vital that I follow up with these people.

Faced with a stack of business cards every time I came back home after a speaking gig, I searched for a way to get these into my phone or computer address book.

The OCR (Optical Character Recognition) apps that scan business cards all fall short – sometimes they recognise a ‘7’ as a ‘1’, meaning I’d receive the wrong phone number, plus they’d take loads of taps and it was a total faff to photograph each business card, anyway.

What’s more, humans have evolved for recognising and remembering faces, and many business cards don’t display the person’s face.

So, I yearned for a loss-less way of getting someone’s contact information into my phone and computer address book, reliably, with one tap, including their full details and photo. Plus, I wanted to know the date I met them.

Nothing appeared to exist, so I spent some of my savings and nearly nine months building the app – it’s called ‘tilt swap’ and, if you sign up for the app via Linkedin, it creates a rich ‘tilt contact card’ for you, instantly, all you need to do is add your phone number and you immediately have a full and useful contact card to share, with your photo on. You can update any part of it, too. Your tilt contact card is automatically converted into your own unique ‘tilt code’ which is based on QR Code technology. Then, when you meet someone new, you simply open ‘tilt swap’, scan their code and you’ll receive their contact information – it takes seconds.

I chose the QR code method because this works when the user is offline, so if anyone is at a conference that’s underground or where the internet connection is intermittent, ‘tilt swap’ will still work offline, swapping basic cards and then pulling all the info down when the user gets back online.

The iOs version for iPhone is out now:  and the Android version is underway. I’m looking for conference heads and trade fair organisers who believe this app will benefit their attendees to contact me so that we can collaborate on getting this out to the VIPs who want to network at their events.  

I’ve built ’tilt swap’ to remove that friction and make it super easy to meet someone new who might be hugely valuable to your life.


Shed Simove

Shed Simove

Shed Simove


Shed Simove

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