Data protection: what you need to know to stay within the law

Event technology supplier RefTech has published a white paper explaining EU data protection laws and their relevance to the UK events industry.

The white paper ‘Data Protection in the Events Industry: what you need to know to stay within the law’ was created, RefTech says, to simplify data protection legislation and relate it to common scenarios within the events industry.

The paper sets out the facts to help event organisers understand their obligations and stay within the law – such as where data can be stored, the ins and outs of encryption, the ways in which passwords can be made more secure and how long personal data can be retained. It also explains some of the changes that are likely to be introduced over the next couple of years.

Simon Clayton, chief ideas officer, RefTech said: “Data protection is something that should be recognised as critically important in our industry. The UK has had data protection legislation for nearly 20 years, yet companies are still failing to protect the personal data they collect. Every week we hear of another database that has been hacked, meaning that people’s personal data has been acquired by criminals who are selling it on.

“Personal data, the information provided when people register for an event, is at the heart of the events industry, yet how many event organising companies provide proper protection for the personal data they collect? More important still, how many understand fully their legal obligations in this area?

“Every organiser of every event needs to understand data protection. Apart from the damage to reputations when data is stolen, the penalties for failing to protect personal data are soon likely to increase dramatically. New legislation that is expected to become law within the next few years will increase fines to a maximum of €20m or 4% of turnover – whichever is higher.”

The white paper is 18 pages long and contains the following chapters:

  • Data protection: what is the state of play now?
  • What can you do?
  • Data transfers outside the EEA
  • Consent for data transfers outside Europe
  • Encryption
  • Data security
  • Passwords and data protection
  • Data retention and length
  • Data deletion
  • Data protection: what’s changing in 2018?
  • GDPR in a nutshell

The white paper is available free to event organisers. Click here


Paul Colston


Paul Colston

Managing Editor, Conference News & Conference & Meetings World.

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