Center Parcs survey reveals ‘serious lack of time’ spent outdoors by office workers

A survey* conducted by Center Parcs Conferences & Events has revealed that 15% of workers spend no time outside in a nature-like environment during the working week, with 51% of respondents stating they only spend time outside during lunch or as part of their commute.

Significantly, 89% of workers indicated that they would like to spend more time outside during the working week, with 59% stating that time spent outdoors is relaxing.

Despite this, the survey of over 1,000 office workers found that only 1% of meetings take place outdoors.

Ryan Gray, head of sales at Center Parcs, said: “We wanted to commission some research to find out exactly how much time office workers spend outside during the working week, especially as we head towards the summer months. With our busy lifestyles it can be hard to find the time to leave the office and enjoy some fresh air, but the benefits of just an hour or so outside per day speak for themselves.”

In a study, psychologists Bell and Dyment found that people are more creative and civil to each other in green areas than urban ones. Other investigations have shown that a proximity to stunning views and exposure to nature increases the ability to focus and enhances cognitive abilities, while green plants and animal sounds can also reduce stress.

Gray said: “When you consider the benefits of being outdoors it is incredible to think that companies are not doing more to encourage their teams to spend more time outside where possible, and it is one of the reasons we launch seasonal offers every year. We actively encourage our clients to combine their conferences with an afternoon of outdoor teambuilding, whether through special offers or new outdoor activities such as the recently launched Den Building.

“Fresh air and the natural environment is an incredible tool to help motivate, revitalise and inspire teams and it is our mission to encourage as many companies as possible to get their teams spending more time outdoors not just this summer, but year round.”

*Statistics taken from a survey carried out by Center Parcs Conferences & Events and Gorkana in April 2016.

Emily King


Emily King

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