Unlocking the value of VR

Event technology and innovation partners 8 Northumberland Avenue and Eventopedia launched London’s first immersive virtual reality (VR) event experience to showcase how venue marketing could be taken to a new level, and how VR could be a powerful tool for brand engagement.

The partners showcased the practical use cases of VR to a group of 60 marketers and event planners, through real life examples, via London’s first immersive VR event video, which can be delivered from £3.5k based upon a one-day shoot + post-production time.

Alan Newton, COO and founder of Eventopedia said: “We want to change the mind-set of using tech for tech’s sake and when it comes to VR, we want to show marketers the real business cases of the technology. By having the ability to visualise the kind of experience you want to create, marketers and communicators can start to build a comprehensive comms strategy – from content to event spaces.”

Emily King


Emily King

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