Eventopedia to showcase VR potential at 8 Northumberland Avenue

Event technology partners Eventopedia and 8 Northumberland Avenue are launching an immersive event experience on 6 June at the London venue. They promise to showcase how venue marketing can be taken to a new level with Virtual Reality (VR).

The evening will show real life examples via what they claim is London’s first immersive VR event video.

Alan Newton (pictured), COO and founder of Eventopedia said: “We want to change the mindset of using tech for tech’s sake and when it comes to VR, we want to show marketers the real business cases of the technology. By having the ability to visualise the kind of experience you want to create, marketers and communicators can start to build a comprehensive comms strategy – from content to event spaces.”

Charles Boyd, owner of 8 Northumberland Avenue added: “VR is emerging as a highly powerful way to make immersive marketing experiences, which create memorable and emotional brand experiences. We’re delighted to have created London’s first immersive VR event experience with Eventopedia.”

John Brown, head of engagement at Hotwire PR will be the keynote speaker at the event. “Today, people are more voyeuristic than ever before and we want more experiences that captivate us and engage more than just a single sense; VR has the potential to elegantly marry emotion and experience together. It’s a powerful technology that marketers should not ignore,” he said.

Also sharing their views on how VR will shake up the marketing industry will be Howard Thompson, CEO of Infinitus Global, James Pimentel-Pinto, CEO of Lean VR and Kudzi Manungo, product manager at Thomas Cook.

8 Northumberland Avenue has had a long-standing commitment to event technology being the first venue in Europe to install intelligent lighting throughout the venue and the first to install 3D holographic technology.

Video available below:

Event VR That Works


Paul Colston


Paul Colston

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