Meeting nourishment needs

David Block runs his eye over a meetings menu designed for maximum nutrition and to keep you energised.

The need for high calibre food at business meetings is no longer just to provide a tummy feel-good factor; it’s becoming a key factor in maintaining mental energy levels throughout the day. 

Says Sarah Potter, of The Events Company: “Gone are the days where the standard BLT was commonplace. It’s been replaced by more nutritionally balanced offerings. To get the best out of a meeting, delegates need to feel energised and able to concentrate when the going gets tough. ‘Brain food’ is vital and is now featuring heavily in conference and meeting food menus.”

Holly Moore, MD of Make Events observes: “With health food and instagram fitness on the rise, venues need to be on this band wagon to stand out from competitors.  Instead of bacon rolls and pastries we need to think gluten free and vegan options as a standard.”

Just one tasty example of how venues are rising to the trend are the thoughtful food offerings for meetings at stylish No.131 in Cheltenham, the flagship venue of The Lucky Onion group. Its head chef, Alan Gleeson states: “When sitting down to an important meeting or conference, it is crucial to eat the right foods in order to stay focused. I avoid white bread and meat that can contribute to a sluggish post-meal mood. I prepare healthier, lighter options that keep people energised and productive. For breakfast meetings, a range of egg dishes such as smashed avocado, poached hen’s egg and steamed bulgur wheat are available, alongside dishes high in wholegrains like bircher muesli and porridge with honeycomb. Dishes such as quinoa with crop leeks and flaked almonds and fillet of cod with broccoli, turnip and kale are available for lunch and will keep the brain active however arduous the meeting.”

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