Lime Venue Portfolio lifts off with ‘Space M Project’ as it targets ISS

Lime Venue Portfolio (LVP) has targeted the most unusual venue off the planet as part of its commitment to event organisers that look to the brand for the best unusual venues. The brand claims it is already in talks with the International Space Station (ISS) to become part of its portfolio and offer a dynamic new venue for its customers.

LVP announced record growth figures at the beginning of the year and a new Meetings Mean Business campaign for Q1 2016. Now the brand is looking to grow its portfolio outside of its UK base.

LVP tells CN cosmic correspondent Avril Durakova that it has already approached the International Space Station for a partnership for its ‘fledgling events business’ and believes it has the right reach of creative event professionals to add value to the ‘excellent space’ the venue has.

“Our customers come to us because they want the very best unique and unusual venues and we never want to disappoint them,” says Richard Kadri-Langford, head of marketing, Lime Venue Portfolio.
“The International Space Station is top of our target list and will provide the perfect atmosphere for small meetings and private events. We have moved quickly to secure this great partnership before the race for the space really takes off.”

Alistair Turner, president elect of the International Space Events Society (ISES) adds: “Our research tells us that meetings and events need to work harder to be memorable and our projections for the potential of this new venue are stratospheric.”

Whilst the meetings space aboard the ISS is limited, it still provides an internal pressurised volume of 32,333 cubic feet, equal to that of a Boeing 747. It also boasts the latest in technological hardware, software and AV, and lots of natural daylight amazing views. We envisage that the venue will prove very popular for small private meetings of world leaders and oligarchs.

The ISS travels in orbit around Earth at a speed of roughly 17,150 miles per hour, meaning that it orbits Earth once every 92 minutes. The unusual portfolio is looking at a 1.5hr delegate package as well as normal day and 24-hour rates.

The portfolio is also working with its culinary teams to deliver the very finest quality food and beverage. Andy Wardle, executive chef at Levy Restaurants UK says: “There are many challenges about creating dining options for our event packages. The foods taken into space must be lightweight, compact, tasty and nutritious. We are working on a variety of menus that celebrate the best of international cuisine. I’m really excited about a delicious raspberry fool dessert that has ‘space dust’ popping candy to give it that 70s space race nostalgia.”

“We talk a lot about how unique venues are ideal for incentive extensions and again the International Space Station fits this bill,” concludes Kadri-Langford. “There is an abundance of outdoor space, with stunning views of Earth and further afield. We can’t wait to the launch party!”
CN log, Stardate 01.04.16

Paul Colston


Paul Colston

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