Bear Grylls Survival Academy

Emily King used her inner survival instincts for a Bear Grylls corporate teambuilding day.

The term ‘teambuilding’ can be met with sighs of dread and the expectation of sitting in a dingy hall, and partaking in icebreakers as a way of getting to know fellow group members.

Corporations clearly want more. They want their staff to try activities they would never normally have the chance to try. They want something unique and quite often, active.
The Bear Grylls Survival Academy fits the bill.

The academy is organised and run by Bear Grylls’ right-hand men, along with Chillisauce Experiences, and on the day I took part it was hosted at the Luton Hoo Hotel.

This activity-led day began with getting muddy. As far as camouflage goes, I didn’t think it ideal, but it did get us over our fear of getting muddy for the day and spurred us on to get truly stuck in to the rest of the day.

Not only did we get thoroughly muddy, but we also learnt how to tie knots, create make-shift stretchers, build fires and shelters, throw axes, and eat insects.

James Diment, head of corporate events at Chillisauce Experiences, explained the coming together of the two organisations: “We’re always developing and looking for new ideas which will not only achieve what our clients want, but which will also be exciting and inspiring for participants.

“This particular teambuilding package that we have partnered with Bear Grylls Survival Academy on, pushes participants to work together in an environment that is completely different from an office.”

There is not much call in my office for tying knots and eating insects.

Bear Grylls Survival Academy spokesperson Kirsten Lovemore, said: “Ultimate Teambuilding from the Survival Academy is all about experiential learning, personal development and effective teamwork in real life challenging situations. No imaginary chasms, no oil drums in the car park, just real life adventure.” The day was well worth the mud spattering, and I brought away new skills that will be crucial if I ever find myself stranded in the wilderness.

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Emily King

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