Edinburgh joins the European Cities Marketing Association

Marketing Edinburgh has taken up an invitation to join the European Cities Marketing Association (ECM),.

Edinburgh became the latest member to join the destination marketing consortium at the ECM’s 2016 annual Spring Meeting in Madrid (24-27 February).

ECM was formed in 1991 and now has over 100 cities in membership across 36 countries, including Paris, Reykjavik, Lisbon, Budapest, Athens, Munich and Turin.

John Donnelly, chief executive of Marketing Edinburgh, said: “Joining ECM marks a gear change for Edinburgh’s proactive marketing strategy. We are collaborating and learning from some of the most successful destination marketing organisations in Europe, sharing knowledge, research, innovative ideas and developing new products.

“When it comes to attracting leisure and business travellers to Edinburgh, our main competitors are not UK-based, it’s the likes of Vienna, Florence, Madrid and Copenhagen. Being able to share best practice, gain insights and learnings from our European counterparts, enables Edinburgh to raise its competitive game and benchmark our marketing strategy and future success for the city.”

Ignasi de Delàs, president of European Cities Marketing said: “We are thrilled to welcome Edinburgh as a member and I am sure that Edinburgh, as well as our 100 members, will all benefit from this new arrival in the ECM family to meet, share and grow!”

Emily King


Emily King

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