Bournemouth International Centre goes solar

Going fully Green seems to be the next logical installation step for conference and events venues throughout the UK. And what better way to go Green than with the use of solar energy? Not only is solar energy good for the environment but, once solar panels are installed, solar energy is free.

Bournemouth International Centre (BIC) recently took the plunge and installed one of the region’s largest flat rooftop solar photo voltaic (PV) systems. Designed by Empower Energy Ltd, the system operates with the latest technologies and benefits from full online monitoring to enable each panel to be monitored and optimised separately.
Ryan McShea, managing director of Empower Energy, says: “This was a challenging installation – we had to crane nearly 900 solar PV panels over buildings to the top floor of the car park and transfer to the rooftop.

“The system took three weeks to install and the venue operated as usual.”
The new system is expected to save over 140 tonnes of CO2. This is the equivalent to planting 57,000 trees every year. It is also capable of generating over 235,000KWh of electricity for the venue per year, therefore contributing to the number of initiatives to cut energy costs, consumption and carbon footprint across all BH Live-operated venues.

BIC has had the backing from Bournemouth Borough Council and the new solar system complements the venue’s solar thermal system that was installed in partnership with the Council to generate the venue’s hot water.

“Energy-saving initiatives are cutting energy dependence, costs and CO2 emissions using state-of-the-art technology in energy production, lighting, heating and air conditioning,” says Peter Portnoi, BH Live’s head of facilities management.
With great expectations for the new energy resources at the BIC, plans continue for the rest of Bournemouth’s venues to go Green and lean. At least this resort averages 1825 hours of sunshine a year. Solar panels in Aberdeen may be a way off yet.

Emily King


Emily King

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