Five main steps to wellbeing

Janice Haddon from training consultancy Morgan Redwood gives her five steps to wellbeing for conference delegates and events professionals on the go:

1. Eat well and stretch
Go for a healthy diet and keep your sugar intake and other toxins in check. Things like alcohol compete with vitamins to enter your cells and the alcohol wins. This in turn depletes your immune system. Exercise will raise your endorphins – your body’s natural ‘happy hormones’ that help to counterbalance any stress and negativity. Get yourself out for a brisk walk!
2. Connect
Take time to spend with friends and family. Having a positive connection with others plays a huge role in your happiness and life satisfaction levels.

3. Enjoy ‘me’ time
Everyone need time to ourselves so we can recharge our energy levels and build up our capacity – so build in some ‘me’ time to your day. Do things for relaxation, creativity and peacefulness. Research shows activities such as mindfulness and meditation support concentration levels and help in the reduction of stress. Get plenty of sleep as this is when your body and brain recharge.

4. Leave work at work
Take time to switch off when you are not in work and therefore be fully present and in the moment in whatever you are doing and who ever you are with.

5. Reward yourself
You may not have crossed everything off your ‘to do’ list, but acknowledge your achievements and the things you have to be grateful for on a daily basis. This will re-enforce in your brain that you are achieving things in the day – absolutely vital for your mental wellbeing.

Emily King

Emily King


Emily King

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