Imago research reveals ‘interactivity’ key to helping delegates retain information

Imago, Loughborough’s conference and events arm, has carried out research into what helps delegates retain information from conferences.

The research found that an interactive presentation where delegates are encouraged to get involved with the learning process is of most importance to meeting attendees when helping them retain information.

The research was conducted amongst 750 event organisers, delegates, graduates and undergraduate students. Imago has acted on the results and using them to shape its meetings and events offering to clients.

Powerpoint presentations, graphics, and videos ranked highly as an important way of retaining information, while social media ranked as the least important method of retaining information.

Emma Boyton, head of sales and marketing at imago, said: “In line with other findings from our research into the value of face to face communications, we found that exercises and asking questions of the person leading the meeting help delegates retain more information.

“It was surprising to see social media tanked so low by students. They are considered its biggest group of supporters when using it socially so it is interesting that this isn’t reflected in a learning environment.”

The final research paper is available from

Emily King


Emily King

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