CBI sets out its stall at Grosvenor House

Business leaders have thrashed out the future of the economy at The Grosvenor House Hotel in London.

The CBI Conference on 9 November aimed to address the next stages for the UK within the global economy.

The conference hosted a number of influential speakers throughout the day, including prime minister David Cameron, Enda Kenny, the Irish Taoiseach, and Tesco Group chief executive, Dave Lewis.

More than 1,100 delegates attended the conference to hear talks about a range of topics including ‘Serving Britain’s shoppers today’, and ‘Raising ambition for all’.

Lewis spoke as part ‘Serving Britain’s shoppers today’ and talked about how remarkable the industry is, of the challenges they face, and how he believes they should respond to the challenges.

“At Tesco, we face these industry problems and some others of our own making. When challenged by this economic reality, we inflicted damage on our business in pursuit of maintaining a level of profitability which was unsustainable given the environment in which we were operating.”

“I believe government needs to be careful and strategic on regulation and taxation. Recognising changing dynamics. Taking account of those new realities. Consulting to iron out unintended consequences. With the ultimate prize: more stable, sustainable growth and a better deal for taxpayers.”

Emily King


Emily King

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