Waddington denies conflict of interest in MICEBOOK link up

The chair of an industry association has denied a conflict of interest over his directorship of an online destination, venue and supplier research and enquiry tool.

The Event Marketing Association (EMA) has announced a partnership with MICEBOOK, the online platform for event organisers.

Richard Waddington is chair of EMA and investor and director of MICEBOOK.

His spokesman told CN that he removed himself from the decision-making process and allowed the committee review the system independently.

The partnership will create a central account for EMA Members where they can share their notes, feedback and information about suppliers and venues across the meetings and events market.

Clare Moses, head of events at Barclays said: “In evaluating MICEBOOK we felt that there is enormous potential value to our members individually to have somewhere to build their personal databanks of knowledge, to our Corporate Members who can take membership and create a company profile thus capturing their teams notes and knowledge and finally to our overall membership who chose to opt in and share their knowledge across the EMA Membership in return for having access to others knowledge and experiences.”

John Keenan


John Keenan

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