Sky is the limit for Brighton’s latest event venue

These are the latest images from a major seafront attraction and event centre .

The Brighton i360 promises an “exciting new beach-side flexible event space for corporate events and meetings”.

The giant glass viewing pod, currently under construction in France, will hold 192 people with catering for a reception, 96 for dinner and 156 people in a theatre-style set up.

The beach building at the base of the attraction will hold a maximum of 1,000 people for a reception and will also divide into four different configurations.

The historic 1866 toll booth adjacent to the observation tower will hold a maximum of 45 people, while the upper esplanade will be available for 1,900 people.

According to the venue rate card published in June, the pod will cost up to £2,250 for a reception, the toll booth hire charge is £1,000, while a reception at the upper esplanade will cost organisers £7,500.

The sample menu promises “handmade Sussex sausages”, South Coast fish cakes and South Down lamb hotpot, among other dishes.

John Keenan


John Keenan

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