MPI insights at the Emirates and at IMEX America

The Trajectory Partnership’s Tom Johnson will deliver the Meeting Professionals International (MPI) Insights keynote presentation later this month in London, as the association’s education programme continues to roll out.

Entitled ‘Going Global; what will affect your events and how to prepare’, MPI Insights comes to the Emirates in London on 29 October.

Johnson recently led a project for Visit England and his keynote, introduced by principal sponsor American Express Meetings & Events, will focus on the key trends shaping the global economy, including the prospects for both emerging and advanced markets, and their potential effects on the business tourism industry.

“The biggest challenges and the biggest opportunities over the next few years can be the same thing,” says Johnson. “Take the impact of new digital technologies and data-led systems – a huge challenge for businesses of scale to adapt and implement them effectively, but the benefits of doing so are even greater.

“It is essential for any events organisation operating in a rapidly changing world to understand the forces driving this change, and the ways it affects both businesses and individuals.”

The Trajectory Partnership is a consumer foresight consultancy specialising in future trends advice for a number of blue chip companies including O2, Waitrose, Heineken and the BBC.

Other topics on the MPI Insights agenda include technology, talent recruitment and managing risk. There will be speakers from the TFI agency and experts from Compliant Venues and Event Assured.

Jackie Mulligan, VP of Education for the MPI UK&I Chapter said: “We are very excited to have such insightful speakers joining us to share their data, experiences and strategies for managing business across international borders.”

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The MPI keynote at IMEX America, 13 October, meanwhile, was film director Josh Tickell, who shared advice on how business can market to ‘the generation that will change the world’.

“Today they seem young, tomorrow they will be in charge”, Tickell said, adding that the millennial generation currently numbers 2.3bn worldwide. It was, he said, a generation characterised by digital connectivity and individuality.

Tickell warned that 40% of today’s Fortune 500 companies could disappear by 2050, an issue echoed by Karen deKanter from BCD Meetings & Events, who attended the session: “Josh made a great point about bridge building between generations, learning how to work together across the demographics. He delivered a really informative session, highlighting that there’s a tsunami-like change on the horizon and, in order to stay relevant, we need to grab a surfboard and ride that wave!”

Paul Colston


Paul Colston

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