Smartphone system tracks trade show delegates

A technology company has launched a service to help exhibition organisers prove the value of their shows.

Storesense Expo uses location-based Wi-Fi analytics to passively track the movement of delegates across a show floor using their smartphone. The system can be installed in fewer than 24 hours and uses a venue’s established Wi-Fi technology.

It does not store personally identifiable data and is regulated by EU privacy laws, the firm said.

Delegates do not need to be connected to a show’s Wi-Fi network to be tracked using the system.

Storesense Expo chief executive Jan Isakovic said that, unlike existing touch point measures including traffic counters and badge scanners, Wifi is non-invasive and doesn’t require human intervention.

Software giant Microsoft used Storesense Expo at its NT Conference in Slovenia in May 2015.

Gregor Potočar, sales director Microsoft Slovenia, said: “Storesense Expo supported our intuitive understanding of visitor behaviour with concrete data and analytics. We now have a better foundation to organise the next event, negotiate with event sponsors, and make it even more attractive for visitors.”

Randle Stonier, founder and CEO at UK event organiser AddingValue, said that the technology could be used to make the business case of an exhibition or trade show to sponsors and advertisers.

He said: “Is the technology valuable? Moderately. I think it helps the exhibition organiser justify to an exhibitor why one location commands a premium versus another location, with hard empirical evidence.

“It can perhaps be used to show the effectiveness of certain types of communications engagement.

“Bluetooth beacon tracking can also be used to evidence similar behaviour.”

Stonier said that the Storesense technology did not pose a security issue for attendees.

He said: “There are far bigger developments and potential developments that could have a more far-reaching impact.”

John Keenan


John Keenan

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