Planners demand more engagement from events – whatever that means

Planners want their events to be more engaging but are not sure how they can achieve it.

That’s according to a new survey by an industry tech guru of more than 1,000 industry professionals.

Julius Solaris, founder of Event Manager Blog, submitted the survey to his Event Planning and Management Linkedin Group and used Smartsurvey to manage the collection.

Double entries were disqualified by IP recognition.

He said: “We disqualified those respondents who answered ‘I don’t plan events’ to our first qualifying question. We had a total of 1,250 answers. 213 were partial and 1,037 were qualified.”

The survey revealed that that for 90% of respondents, increasing engagement at events is a priority for their organisation.

But over half (54%) of event professionals indicated a general level of satisfaction with the level of engagement achieved.

Julian Solaris

Solaris, founder of EventMB and the report’s author (pictured), said: “Engagement must be the most overused word in the event industry. With this report we wanted to find out what planners actually think about engagement at their events and why it matters in an event-planning context.

“These results are quite mesmerising. Clearly there is some confusion or a lack of understanding when it comes to engagement, signalled by the fact that 30% of respondents don’t know if their attendees want more interaction with speakers. One unifying and overwhelming response, however, was that the vast majority say increasing engagement is a priority – demonstrating an understanding of the importance of engagement, even if the practical solutions are still not fully understood.”

Speakers in general fared well in the research, with 80% of event organisers saying they believe attendees to be ‘happy’ with speakers’ presentations on the whole, although 54% believe their attendees want more interaction with speakers.

The survey was conducted from 26 May until 1 June.



John Keenan


John Keenan

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