NHS backed conference venue plans major overhaul

A major rebrand is planned for a landmark conference hotel.

The senior management team of the Golden Jubilee Foundation is reviewing the brand implementation plan and associated costs at The Beardmore Hotel and Conference Centre.

The hotel will be renamed the Golden Jubilee Conference Hotel in January 2016.

The property is part of the NHS-owned Golden Jubilee Foundation, the new brand name for the family of facilities which also includes the Golden Jubilee National Hospital, the Golden Jubilee Research Institute and Golden Jubilee Innovation Centre.

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A spokesman for the hotel said the overall site rebrand will be phased in and aims to simplify the shared campus for clients and support the overall aims of the Foundation – to lead quality, research and innovation in healthcare.

He said: “As the site is NHS owned, the rebrand will use cost effective solutions to ensure a good use of the public purse, for example materials will be bought on a replacement basis.

“A state-of-the-art single enterprise, the Golden Jubilee Foundation has an internationally recognised key leadership role in innovating Scottish healthcare. Its hotel will continue to keep finding pioneering ways to support high level international, medical and innovative conferences and events.”

John Keenan


John Keenan

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