Health and safety experts launch improved helpline

The Event Supplier and Services Association has teamed up with with X-Venture Global Risk Solutions to provide a beefed up health and safety helpline.

When the government pushed through new rules on building and design in the event industry, ESSA director Andrew Harrison grabbed the opportunity to feature the association’s expertise through its existing helpline.

He said: “X-Venture Global Risk Solutions has been a key supporter of the cross association CDM roadshows, and embodies a tremendous amount of expertise and knowledge on all aspects of health and safety. The ability for members to submit their enquiries to a chartered health and safety practitioner is a major benefit of membership and I am very pleased that X-Venture will be partnering with us to deliver this service.”

Simon Garrett, managing director of X-Venture Global Risk Solution, said: “We are delighted to have been asked to provide this service to fellow ESSA members. It will be of most value to members who do not have day-to-day access to a health and safety professional and who simply want reassurance or a steer on a particular issue without having to commission a piece of consultancy just to answer what may be a relatively simple question. If further work is needed we can either provide the service or point the company in the right direction”

John Keenan


John Keenan

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