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Chelsea Football Club places the same emphasis on delegate nutrition as it does on player nutrition.

Player nutrition is high on the agenda at Chelsea Football Club, and the same can be said for delegate nutrition. Chelsea FC works closely with its chefs to ensure not only its players, but delegates attending conferences at Stamford Bridge, are getting the right nutrients they need to stay mind and body fit.

Simon Hunter, head of venue and brand at CFC, says: “The connection between nutrition and brain capabilities has been illustrated by numerous studies.

A recent study published in the Journal of Neuroscience, showed eating a small portion of antioxidant-packed blueberries every day improves the ability to learn, short-term memory and can result in reversal of nerve cell damage.

“The mental demands of playing football echo the demands of meetings – you need to be focused, energised, display strong stamina and have the ability to think strategically.”

Below are some of the dishes available at Stamford Bridge, designed to keep delegates on their A game:

Breakfast: Oats have the effect of lowering blood pressure, which in turn increases blood and oxygen flow to the brain, boosting cognitive function. Combine with yoghurt and fresh fruit for a slow release of energy which sets your body up for the day.

Mid-morning snack: To give your body a boost of nutrients and keep your metabolism ticking away, a smoothie packed with fruits, seeds and grains is the perfect snack. Mix berries, yoghurt, honey oats with flaxseed oil – which is rich in Omega-3, and helps to improve concentration as well as keep mood swings at bay.

Lunch: Boasting vitamin K and choline, broccoli helps to improve memory and strengthen cognitive abilities. Combine with omega-3 rich salmon, and sesame seeds, which are rich in brain strengthening magnesium and antioxidants, for a healthy salad.

Exercise: After a morning of meetings, a little fresh air and gentle exercise are essential. The resulting increase in oxygen boosts the production of serotonin to the brain, making you feel happy and refreshed. The increased oxygen to the brain brings greater clarity, improving concentration and energy levels.

Drinks: For an afternoon boost, sip on hydrating and energising drinks such as coconut water, which is full of electrolytes and easily digestible sugar.

“Combining these superfoods with fresh air and light exercise is sure to increase concentration, energy, stamina and keep mood swings and lethargy at bay. There’s no excuse for bringing biscuits along to a meeting ever again,” Hunter says.

Paul Colston


Paul Colston

Managing Editor, Conference News & Conference & Meetings World.

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