Lib Dems stick with Bournemouth despite plunging conference income

A political party is set to reshape its main conference in the wake of a drubbing in the general election.

The Liberal Democrats have vowed to keep the autumn conference at the Bournemouth International Centre despite taking a financial hit that will run into thousands of pounds.

It was booted out of coalition government last week after losing 48 seats in the House of Commons.

Private sector sponsors and exhibitors are expected to shun the conference now that the party no longer holds the reins of power. In 2013, income from the conference was £1.4m helping the party to a profit of £512,000. In the year before it joined the Conservative Party to form the coalition government, conference income was £300,000 lower and the profit was £370,000.

A spokesman for a lobbying firm told The Times newspaper that if the Lib Dems had been in government it would have paid for a table at the corporate day and sent three people to take care of its exhibition stand.

A spokesman for the Liberal Democrats told CN: “It is inevitable that lobby groups will not attend in the same numbers as when we were in government. We have added 12,000 members since the election and that will completely change the dynamic of the event. We are not changing the venue and we are looking forward to a lively event.”

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