Consultant fights ‘political resistance’ to new body

An event consultant  has been brought on board to help a fledgling institute get off the ground.

The Institute of Event Management has pledged to find a major backer by the autumn.

Tim Casswell, founder of CreativeConnection consultants and the School of Unknowing, has been charged with attracting high-powered sources of funding for the IEM. He will target the academic and governmental sectors. CreativeConnection is a communication and graphic facilitation company of artists, visual facilitators, coaches, animators, producers, and consultants.

He said: “The Institute of Event Management is an ambitious attempt to draw together a lot of good will and different initiatives towards the professionalisation, protection of participants, and promotion of innovative conferencing approaches.

“It has considerable obstacles contributing to the inertia that any initiative like this faces. There are other organisations that claim to be meeting these same objectives, there is inevitable political resistance to another organisation in this field. IEM chair Susan Spibey has a way of inviting people and valuing their input. A lot rides on the group she has gathered getting their voices and visions to blend, become the foundations of this new IEM, and get funding for the initial development of structure, curriculum and standards. There is a chance that the stakeholders will seek to find ways to start the process without funding.”

John Keenan


John Keenan

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