Give staff time to think, event firms urged

Organisers must get creative at work to deliver events worth

A new survey shows that bosses are not giving staff the time
and resources to create effective ideas.

It revealed that only 39 per cent of event planners are
creative thinkers, despite most believing they have an inventive approach to
their work.

According to fresh research released by London &
Partners, the official convention bureau for London, while 53 per cent of event
professionals feel under pressure to deliver pioneering events to stay at the
forefront of the industry, less than a third say that risk-taking is encouraged
by their organisation.

More than 400 event planners were questioned to gain insight
into whether the planning of events is dominated by rational left-brained or emotional
right-brained thinkers.

Nick Terry (pictured), boss at event agency Top Banana, said
every team should have both creative and practical thinkers.

He said: “You are on a road to nowhere if there is not a
balance within the team. In my job, the pressure is not to be creative, but to
nurture skill sets to challenge and produce briefs that provoke creativity. It
is about a state of mind and also about offering time and space for those ideas
to mature.  Sometimes the very
constraints can provoke solutions. But the real issue is time and head space to
really smoke out the issues before the germination process even starts

“The biggest pressure is around delivering a solution that
is right – sure the ego loves the big killer idea but ‘beginning with the end
in mind’ often comes back to a hard-working idea rather than the glossy glitz
CV padding . “

Mark Glynne-Jones, creative director at Zibrant, said:  “We must remain aware of not only what’s
going on in our sector but also what is influencing the wider world. There is a need to
become bolder and quirkier in approach, and the latter doesn’t always come
easily, as this report highlights. ‘Quirky’, I like to think, can often be
equated to ‘stand-out’ and that’s where we want to be. Allowing not just our
creative teams, but the agency as a whole the space and time to not just think
but also be creative is key and we make sure that our environments and internal
communications encourage this. We’ve developed an internal ‘knowledge share’
platform and all are encouraged to participate and contribute and we stress it
should not all be necessarily industry related.”


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Paul Colston


Paul Colston

Managing Editor, Conference News & Conference & Meetings World.

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