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Planning a teambuilding or corporate event is not easy, with many details to be aware of. Is there sufficient seating? Have dietary restrictions been taken into account? Will the participants have seamless access to the internet during the event? Is the AV  working? The list goes on.

Any event organiser might feel anxious. However, there are tools to help you plan and execute your event. Here’s nine to consider:

#1 Internal scheduling: Tom’s Planner

A web-based project planning software, Tom’s Planner makes use of Gantt charts to chalk out your event’s timeline. You can create your project’s schedule online. Tom’s Planner is an alternative to more complex project planning software like MS Projects, and simpler tools like MS Excel. Its strongest feature is a drag and drop system.

#2 Hub of event apps: MeetingApps
Essentially a huge collection of mobile applications and tools exclusively for event planning, MeetingApps has something for every kind of event. The site categorises apps based on their utility ranging from meeting management, to organising venues, to even boosting your team’s motivation.
The site was created by Kirsten Strand, Joseph Lo and Jane Huynh. By using apps to organise and allow immediate access to relevant information, event managers can save hours of their own and their team’s time.

#3 Music Manager: TuneTug
Talk about cool democracy! This is one great tool to have if you are planning to put together an event with music. TuneTug is a mobile app that allows users to vote for the next track and share that information with a DJ who can then play the tune which has the highest number of votes.

The DJ can share his playlist with all the people at the event. Users can then either ‘tug’ a song up or down the play next. Events can also be GPS-tagged within the app, so that attendees can find their way to them quickly. TuneTug Version 2.0 comes with Drag-to-vote.

#4 Staff finder & manager: PAAM

Recruiting and managing people can be the trickiest part of an event. However, the PAAM Event Management and Recruitment Software app’s web-based interface allows you to recruit staff and volunteers and delegate tasks.

With PAAM you can check out how many applications you have received for each event at a glance and manage them with toggle switches. Groups and shifts can be created within the events and staff assigned.

Payments can be managed straight from your admin tab, too. People working on projects can also be rated within the software.

#5 Concept development: Powernoodle

Brainstorming and planning events can get tedious. Powernoodle was developed as a collaborative decision-making software that can include a wider range of persons in developing models and concepts before starting an event. As the number of participants increases, decisions can be made with greater confidence. You can continuously monitor how an event is being planned out, so that quicker decisions can be made by all involved. You can assign tasks within the software and manage them on the go. Powernoodle offers a 30-day free trial period.

#6 Get the word out: Facebook Events
There are already 3m events being registered on Facebook every month, and the social network provides some features for both creating and managing events.

Click on ‘Events’ on the upper left side of your Home tab, and follow that by clicking ‘Create an event’. You can invite both friends and fans. You can also create group events. It isn’t the most powerful event management tool, but it will help you leverage your event on social media as attendees share pictures and post comments.

#7 Online tickets: EventBrite
EventBrite offers customisable event pages with ticketing options. You start by creating a webpage for your event, then create unique event emails to send out to invitees.

After you have created the event, EventBrite will promote it on Search Engines and help you sell tickets. The service is free for organisers, as long as they’re not charging for tickets. If they are, then EventBrite takes a percentage of ticket sales.

#8 Venue details: SuperPlanner
SuperPlanner is a mobile app that arms you with tools for finding out about a venue’s capacities, F&B, AV and even staff. The app has expert built-in tips and tricks to help get the best experience.
SuperPlanner won the BizBash Event Style Award for Best New App in 2010, and in 2011 the Special Event Gala Award for best new event product.

#9 Sharing visuals: SlideShare
Finally, SlideShare allows you to create and share PDFs, slideshows and webinars with all the attendees. If your event requires presentations, then SlideShare can help you streamline it and get them organised all in one place.

Parth Misra is a management executive with over five years of experience working with an e-commerce enterprise, a publishing house and a marketing company. He holds a BA in English and Sociology along with a MBA degree majoring in Marketing. While his primary interest is helping small businesses reach out to prospective clients in the most efficient way possible, he takes a keen interest in online marketing and writes for the Off Limits blog.

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