Weeks five and six in the life of a startup

Week Five

I don’t think I’m that old. I don’t feel
it. I embrace new music on the radio. I’m even considering trying that Insanity
class at the gym. There’s a spring in my step as I alight the train at London
Bridge this week, off to meet prospective clients. I have embraced the modern
world. One has to if one is going to work in the events Industry. I pride
myself on my ability to keep abreast of the ever-evolving technological world. 

The trouble is, everyone else does the
same. I read articles about other event companies setting up – competitors –
grrrrr – and the whizzy marketing they have flying all over the web. There seem
to be apps and gadgets galore that a new start up can tap into, all for free,
to spread the word and get its name about town. I attend a lecture on social
media and receive the very down to earth message that although it can prove
useful, it shouldn’t be taken too seriously.

I’ve always liked to be different. Creative
souls do. Some people call me quirky, non conformist. I’m not on Facebook
because everyone else is. I suppose that I do think outside the box. I
reconsider my marketing strategy. Perhaps I too have been sucked in to the
mainstream. I need to stand out from the crowd. I think about what companies
did before the internet and smart phones. I remember the world when everyone
carried a pen in their pocket and wore a watch. Maybe I am a little bit old. It
does look like it’s snowing when I trim my beard. But maybe the age and
experience can be used to the advantage of the business.

I return to my 80s roots with a chalk board
and some coffee beans and devise a mail out, with a mini competition
reminiscent of my Primary School Christmas Fayre.

I’m pleased with the result. It’s me
through and through. It’s an original. It’s honest. It’s old school. 

Week Six: Embracing Apple

How long have I owned a Mac? A long time.
Recently I attended some training at an Apple store. ‘Yet’ (my Genius) – took
one look at the machine I had brought along and suggested I buy a new one. I
have always liked the idea of being a mac person. It’s cool, it’s trendy – that’s
me. I’m down with the kids. Plus it goes perfectly with the creative image I’m portraying,
along with my blue jeans, brown shoes and thick, black rimmed spectacles.

The thing is, I think of myself as a Mac
person, but when I start to use my mac day in, day out, having always used a PC
at my previous job, I start to analyse whether I really am. I mean, I’m still
using word and excel.

I decide to take the plunge. If I’m going
to work on a Mac, it needs to be embraced. Fully. It’s like jumping in the
swimming pool after ten minutes in the sauna. A shock. I wish I was back in the
warm. I start with numbers. I’m creating a spreadsheet for a new piece of consultancy
work I’m doing. I look for check boxes. At this point it would be so easy to revert
back to excel. I know exactly how to do this on excel. Is numbers really worth
it? I’m wasting time working out of my comfort zone. And this is not the time
to waste time. Time is money.

I am about to click on the little yellow
minus sign when I remember a useful gem of advice from an old web designer

“Anything you can’t do, just google it,
someone on the other side of the world will have posted a comment or video
telling you what to do. That’s what all designers do. You can’t expect us to
remember everything.”

Perfect. Google. My best friend again and
personal tutor. Quickly I figure it out and away I go. Numbers looks so much
prettier than excel. It pleases me.

The next challenge doesn’t take long…..I
need a screen shot for a bank transaction. Mmmmm. What to do, what to do?
Google. Shift, command, 3 simultaneously. Job done.

There are some other useful features I have
picked up along the way. I can now flip between different screens, reset the
way my track pad functions and use spotlight as a calculator. I’m also pretty
confident that with a little help from ‘Yet’ at the Apple store, my Keynote skills
are going to be right where they need to be.

So now, legitimately, I can sit in Taylor
Street Baristas, in between meetings, with the Apple logo shining like a beacon
amidst the haze of flat white steam, and feel that I am a true believer.

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ConferenceNews Guest Author

Conference News hosts great guests on its pages. Our Blog section is the collection of the best opinions in the UK and international events industry.

ConferenceNews Guest Author


ConferenceNews Guest Author

Conference News hosts great guests on its pages. Our Blog section is the collection of the best opinions in the UK and international events industry.

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