Eventbrite shares event tips for small business at Campus London

Eventbrite and General Assembly last week teamed up to put on an event at Campus London called ‘Event Marketing For Startups and Small Businesses’.
The theme was how events could be used as a budget friendly, high-impact way for businesses of any size to grow.
Eventbrite Content and Social Marketing Manager, Mark Walker (pictured), told CN: “We were delighted by the turn-out for our second event at Campus London, with 120 entrepreneurs, startups and small businesses coming to learn how events can be a powerful and cost-effective marketing channel. The speakers managed to pack a huge amount of knowledge into a short space of time, and it was great to see everyone stay after for drinks and networking.”
Speakers at the event included Gian Chicco, Executive Director of Social Media Week; Marian Gazdik, Director of Startup Grind London; and Bridey-rae Lipscombe, founder of CultLDN.

Walker said speakers set out to dispel two myths about events as a marketing channel for small businesses: that they’re not scalable and that they cost a lot of money.
On scalability, all of the speakers agreed: done well, events are not just limited to the time and space they take place, and can be used to reach thousands or even millions of people who weren’t actually there.
CultLDN’s founder showed how events could help brands earn big media headlines by understanding their audience and press cycles, while George Taylor, founder of Creative Industry United, explained how the content and connections you get from events could generate social media buzz and fill your blog with great content for months after the event ends.
Budget tips from speakers included:

  • Before you do anything, understand what your objectives are, and what your audience wants;
  • Find reliable partners to work with that can reach a complimentary audience to yours;
  • Always offer more value than you ask for in return;
  • Don’t rely on one channel to market your events: influencers, press, social media, email and partnerships all play a role in building an audience;
  • Be authentic, and focus on the community aspect of events to create loyalty and a network of promoters for your business.

Presentations from the conference can be seen on the Eventbrite blog.
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