New research shows 63% of planners get appy

Nearly two-thirds (63%) of meeting planners now use an event app and 60 per cent of those that don’t see themselves using one in future.

Association planners are 15 per cent more likely to use event apps than corporate planners, although the corporate planners are twice as likely to get budget approval because of a perceived ability to improve future events with app data.

These figures come from mobile event technology supplier DoubleDutch, which announced some early results of new research, conducted with Meeting Professionals International (MPI), on event app usage and adoption.

The research comes from a survey of 1,752 meeting and event planners and spans multiple sectors. The results show that event applications are now considered a crucial part of a well-orchestrated event.

The new data provides a current insight into the role of mobile apps in modern conferences and events, and the full report will be available to download on 8 September.

Live polling is the most sought after feature, according to the survey, with planners getting budget approval because of these event apps’ ability to engage attendees and generate data.

When planners don’t use an app, it’s primarily due to budget constraints, the survey reveals, and DoubleDutch says this speaks to a lack of education around app monetisation options.
DoubleDutch’s CEO Lawrence Coburn (pictured) said: “This research underscores how greatly adopted mobile event technology has become in the past few years, and why event apps are such integral parts of well-executed events. Getting feedback directly from meeting professionals and planners is incredibly valuable for DoubleDutch and other technology vendors, as we continually evolve to meet the needs of event professionals across the world.”

DoubleDutch promises the full report will provide an overview of the event app landscape, drilling down on why people are using them, common misconceptions, and how to maximise ROI.
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