Event industry reacts to Google Glass launch

The event industry’s technology crowd has
reacted to the launch of Google Glass, a wearable device touted to enhance the
event experience.

The device is helping put wearables into
the public psyche, according to SOMO chief product officer Ben Wynn, who says a
lot hinges on its mass adoption.

“It has applications for event attendees,
who can identify people in a room, and get informed about content. Google Glass
could also be used as a guide around a venue,” he adds. 

sli,do CEO Peter Komornik, also discusses
its potential applications in a live environment: “We spent time developing the
first Google Glass app for event moderators, which aligns well with the
audience interaction tools that we already offer at sli.do, making it possible
for a speaker to see the questions that are coming in without breaking their
attention away from the audience.

“We’ve been holding roundtable debates and
sessions with event planners, letting them try out Google Glass and sli.do and
it’s interesting to hear their thoughts, which are mainly positive,” he adds.

Google Glass gives us the ability to not
just see the objects in the world around us, but also to see the data
associated with those objects, according to futurologist Graeme Codrington.

“Google Glass is the latest piece of kit in
a long line of technology known as augmented reality. Using recognition
software compared with GPS location awareness, augmented reality taps into the
world’s maps and databases, collating and filtering mounds of information and
then labelling the world around you. Google Glass puts this information
literally on your face.”

Although exciting in theory, Wynn adds that
the device is still in its infancy. “Google Glass is still quite geeky and
niche, and much weighs on its mass adoption. It’s a very personal device and
users will need time to get accustomed to it, which doesn’t make it ideal for
pick up and play uses with technophobic audiences. It is up to the events
industry to create experiences from the technology.”

The world of wearables is already slowly
permeating the culture but, the events industry will have to wait until it
becomes a regular fixture at events.

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Paul Colston


Paul Colston

Managing Editor, Conference News & Conference & Meetings World.

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