ATPI wins European Space Agency travel contract

Business travel management company, the ATPI Group, has won a new three-year contract to manage the extensive travel programme of the European Space Agency (ESA).
The agency hopes to deliver a more coherent travel service across the organisation, with effective cost control and increased transparency on spend across the space agency’s network of international offices and projects.
ESA is an intergovernmental organisation created in 1975 and embraces 20 member states. ESA develops launchers, spacecraft and ground facilities and launches satellites and probes into space.
ATPI Group’s team in France will lead on the new contract.
Besides its Headquarters in Paris, ESA has offices in Cologne, Madrid, Darmstadt, Rome, Noordwijk, Oxfordshire and Belgium, which form part of a network of 70 offices in 42 countries.

The ATPI contract means ESA’s network of offices and missions will be able to access the same real time travel itinerary recommendations, availability and price information.
ATPI Group Sales and Marketing Director Adam Knights (pictured), said: “We are thrilled to have secured the European Space Agency account. It truly takes our business to another dimension. We are committed to delivering results in line with their high expectations and demonstrating that the business value of globally integrated travel planning and booking is not just beneficial but truly, no pun intended, out of this world.”
Richard Guerrand, head of ESA travel management and videoconferencing, added: “Being experts in travel, albeit intergalactic ourselves, we were suitably impressed with the ATPI Group’s ability to provide the expertise and commitment needed in what is an extremely specialist sector with very individual needs.

“We look forward to this new working relationship with the ATPI Group and are excited about the many efficiencies it is sure to bring.”
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