Activity not admin key to JMIC development second phase

The Joint Meetings Industry Council (JMIC), meeting in Frankfurt recently, has charted a new phase of development which puts activity and conferences ahead of adding more admin to the organisation.

The need for a new course follows the completion of an initial three-year programme that was designed to achieve consensus on key industry issues, develop agreed industry messages, align value measures and develop communications systems and materials.

The second phase will now focus on advancing industry awareness, refining value measurement and improving interactions within the international meetings industry community.

“For a very long time JMIC was simply a medium for exchange amongst international meetings industry associations, but, spurred on by a realisation that we had a major job to do in increasing awareness of our issues and values, we undertook to develop a more formal programme of activities and see how we could work more effectively together,” said JMIC President Philippe Fournier (pictured).

“This programme, which included two industry-wide conferences on the important issues of value measurement and industry communications, was completed at the end of last year and achieved what it was intended to do. Now, we have used these experiences and achievements to assemble a next-phase development programme that will take what we have accomplished and put it to work in advancing our profile and effectiveness into the future.”

JMIC proposes to survey members to find out their views and preferences in key areas, including:

  • Raising the profile of the industry and its values to wider community and government audiences through more intense communications activities
  • Providing a mechanism for delivering a unified industry position where this is required to advance overall objectives
  • Organising and carrying out of conferences in areas of industry-wide importance
  • Increasing awareness of JMIC’s roles and resources within the industry itself
  • Consolidating industry information resources in areas of collective interest
  • Encouraging greater incorporation of JMIC objectives and resources in members’ own activities

JMIC says it is keen not to increase its bureaucracy but to maintain flexibility of action and to direct all available resources to programmes rather than administration.
JMIC was established in 1978 as a vehicle for creating a forum for the exchange of information and perspectives among international associations engaged in various aspects of the meetings industry.
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