Web page launched for reporting venue enquiry scams

Following a spate of scam enquiries reported by its clients, venue and event search engine operator CYE Group has created an online resource intended to defeat what it sees as a ‘substantial threat’ to the industry.

CYE Group says such is the threat from scams designed to defraud or steal from unsuspecting venues, that it has dedicated a web page that provides details of all known scams.

There are two common approaches used to scam venues, CYE Group says: ‘Phishing’ and ‘False Cheques’.

Phishing uses various means to steal financial information. False Cheques, seeks to trick people into sending ‘refund’ money to the fraudsters after they have deposited a false cheque sent to them by the criminals.

Essentially, the fraudsters prey on the vulnerable and seek to build trust, claiming they are going to place lots of business with a venue and send money upfront.

CYE Group MD, Ben Gray (pictured), says: “In just one weekend, we tracked over 1,400 fake event enquiries, so this is a substantial threat and could be a serious problem for meetings and events venues; they could potentially lose thousands of pounds. 
“Our response is to face the fraudsters head on, by clearly identifying each attempt to commit fraud and listing them on our venue search website.”

Gray says he is confident of building a complete database of scams and threats.

The page listing all known venue enquiry scams can be seen at chooseyourvenue.com/beware-of-venue-enquiry-scams. Gray encourages anyone identifying a scam to forward them for inclusion on the site.

Gray advises: “When you receive an enquiry from an unknown source, we suggest you check it against the list on our dedicated page, it’s quick and easy to do. If you find the enquiry there, do not be tempted to respond at all to the sender, do not click on any links in the email, just delete it from your email inbox.”

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Paul Colston


Paul Colston

Managing Editor, Conference News & Conference & Meetings World.

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