Integrating wireless and contactless technology into events

There are so many blogs at the moment about top event tech trends
e.g. audience engagement, indoor positioning systems, advanced digital
displays and wearable technology, which I have read with great interest.
We at zappit think that the greatest thing is that so many
of the trends can be fulfilled with contactless technology like Near
Field Communication (NFC) and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) – better known
as iBeacons.

So with reference to some of these tech trends, here are some reasons why it’s worth integrating NFC and BLE into the event mix:

Speed up on-site registration

attendees arrive at an event they want to be able to register and
collect their badge quickly. This is all possible with an NFC based
registration system with each name badge featuring a unique NFC tag.

Faster session check-in

that attendees are wearing NFC name badges it unlocks interactions in
new ways. Session check-in can now work like the Oyster card system with
more intelligent readers than traditional, bulky and expensive barcode

Efficient lead generation

Why use barcode
scanners when smart devices coupled with software can provide exhibitors
with a more convenient, accessible, and cost effective method of
capturing and qualifying leads and recovering data.

Collect more feedback

feedback from attendees to understand and measure event success is
hugely important but response rates tend to drop if the feedback survey
is paper-based or emailed to attendees after the event. With NFC it’s
possible to create a personalised, on-site feedback survey only
displaying the most relevant questions based on attendees’ unique
experiences. Using NFC also means that the feedback experience is
quicker and easier as attendees do not need to enter their contact

iBeacons – a new way to communicate

Bluetooth Low Energy (iBeacon) is the much talked about mobile technology that is changing the retail shopping experience.
The same technology is entirely applicable in the events world as it
provides a new, innovative channel for communication. It allows event
organisers and exhibitors the opportunity to notify attendees with
relevant, targeted digital messages as they walk around an exhibition.

Help visitors navigate through event space

based services are becoming increasingly relevant for large exhibitions
with hundreds of exhibition stands. With Bluetooth Low Energy it is now
possible to add value to attendees by providing additional
functionality within an event app to help them easily navigate around an

Track visitor movements

For some event
organisers it’s important to understand exactly where attendees are
going within an event, dwell time at exhibition stands, which sessions
they have attended etc. For large, open spaces, Bluetooth Low Energy is
the best solution for tracking such information. RFID is also a
possibility for tracking attendees as they walk through defined
entrances. The great thing about this technology is that attendees do
not need to be disrupted by having their badges scanned, allowing for a
free flowing event with no queues.

Offer a personalised journey

you can create a unique, personal experience for your audience it is
more likely that they will feel connected and engaged throughout the
event. Whether it’s personalised agendas, digital welcome messages or
kiosk experiences – the capabilities of NFC and BLE enables a wide variety of customised experiences.

Data consolidation and real-time analytics

for the most important part – accessing live data and being able to
easily measure event success. zappit has an easy to navigate cloud-based
data management platform that consolidates of every single touch point
at an event. This is an event organisers’ dream.

So there you have it –
some reasons to integrate wireless and contactless technology into
events. In the world these event tech trends are a reality as
we are already providing these solutions for a number of global clients.

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Conference News hosts great guests on its pages. Our Blog section is the collection of the best opinions in the UK and international events industry.

ConferenceNews Guest Author


ConferenceNews Guest Author

Conference News hosts great guests on its pages. Our Blog section is the collection of the best opinions in the UK and international events industry.

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