Complaints rain in over VIP NYE party at Altitude

Altitude London is dealing with a number of complaints following its New Year’s Eve ticketed event at the London SkyBar, which was attended by around 1,450 guests.

“The most disastrous party I ever attended” and “a scam” are some of the printable comments from guests at the Altitude 360 Sky Bar experience on New Year’s Eve on London’s Embankment.

All very different from marketing blurb which had advertised pre-event: “Enjoy the full LONDON SKY BAR experience at New Year’s Eve in the Sky. Your ticket will allow you to move around between our New Year’s Eve parties and enjoy the sights and sounds of all of our spectacular venues, Altitude 360, Skyloft, the River Room & P.O.M. Restaurant & Bar.

“Each venue will offer a different atmosphere, with music varying across all floors to truly offer something for everyone. This exclusive offer will allow you to tailor your night to suit your mood, whether it be indulgent, celebratory, or a little more relaxed.”

With tickets costing up to £430 it was billed as a VIP event. Reaction from party goers on social media and in emails seen by CN has been fiery with dozens of disgruntled party-goers talking of joining a class action to recover compensation.

A statement from De Vere Venues said: “We have been made aware of a number of comments received following an event at London SkyBar on New Year’s Eve. We value and appreciate the feedback from all of our guests, and take all comments very seriously. We are currently in the process of speaking to each of those guests who have given us feedback and will be providing further information once we have contacted everyone concerned.”
It seems some of the promises De Vere made when taking over this managed contract may be coming back to haunt them. The Altitude venue has had a chequered history and De Vere is most likely not best impressed as talks over an alleged deal with Starwood Capital drag out after months of delay.
It is certainly doubtful whether Starwood would have much interest in this type of managed contract where you expose your brand on a venue you don’t own and to circumstances that may well be beyond your control. They may conclude they would want to get out of these managed contracts to concentrate on owned “hotel” assets.
Chris Watson who attended the event and brought the numerous emails to CN’s attention, said he had complained to Regional Director of Sales, Laura Trusler at De Vere Venues who promised to investigate. Watson claims she came back and said that from 1 January De Vere Venues no longer had any business interest in Altitude and the matter was out of her hands.

“I was livid,” said Watson. “I reminded her that at the time they advertised the event, accepted payment and delivered the event, it most definitely was their responsibility and so they can not now, abdicate their responsibilities.”

Altitude London and De Vere Venues
have since ended their management contract, with Altitude London moving
to an in-house management team, which they say will see “a change in
emphasis at the venue to a more boutique style”.

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