Next ABPCO TechNOphobia event to focus on RFID training

The Association of British Professional Conference Organisers’ (ABPCO) next TecNOphobia event takes place on 9 October and will focus on the needs for Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) in the ever changing landscape of event organisation.

The TechNOphobia series has been developed by ABPCO to give professional conference organisers hands-on experience, including practical demonstrations of new technology and case studies.

The session, which takes place at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre in London, will focus on supporting the event management process with RFID. This advanced technology, which ABPCO says is becoming more common in events particularly those tracking delegate movement, enables devices to capture data on tags and transmit it to a computer system, without the need for physical contact.

Speakers include Clemi Hardie, MD of Noodle Live and Nigel Paine who will present ideas around leadership learning and technology; and Greg Parmley, Chief Information Officer at Intellitix. Martic Jac, MD of Think Different Events will act as facilitator.

“Providing educational content which meets the needs of our association focussed members and helps their development is an integral part of our mission,” says ABPCO Chair and MCI UK Managing Director, Jennifer Jenkins. “We are here to add value to our members’ professional lives, increasing their capabilities and skills, while supporting them through networking and development of relationships.

“TecNOphobia is a perfect example of this as we help industry professionals increase their understanding of technology , its relevance in a conference setting and the ways in which thet can make technology work for them, their events and their clients,” she adds.

The event is open to APBCO members and non members.

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