IMEX America exhibitors urged to ditch MiFI, trust in Wi-Fi

The organiser of IMEX America has sent an announcement in the IMEX Group’s LinkedIn profile, urging exhibitors not to use MiFi devices at the Sands Expo venue in case it affects connectivity with the show’s Wi-Fi network.

“As you prepare your presence at IMEX America, we are aware that some of you may be planning to use MiFi devices to share Internet connectivity,” the statement said. “These devices have proven very popular and effective but in the case of the busy and compact trade show floor at IMEX America we ask that you refrain from using these devices.”

The official technology partners, the Sands Expo, said: “These devices normally operate over cellular 3G and 4G. They produce a radio signal in order to connect the client device (laptop or smart device), which operates in the 2.4Ghz spectrum. This will definitely negatively impact the wireless that we are providing as will any wireless transmitting devices. Keeping these devices off of the show floor will help us deliver better service.”

There are many names for the devices commonly known as MiFi devices, some of these are: Novatel MiFi, Sprint WiMAX, D-Link, MyPocket, Mifi, LTE, NetComm MyZone, Option GlobeSurfer, Verizon Jetpack and Virgin Mobile Overdrive Pro.

“We ask that you help us assure a good level of Internet connectivity for everyone by using the Sands Expo services for Internet supply and creating standardised Wi-Fi networks on the show floor,” said the statement. “This will ensure that international buyers will have access to the buyer Wi-Fi service that we provide.”  

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