5 top tips to keeping colleagues engaged at your AGM

An AGM is one of the most important meetings in the company calendar, so it’s vital that attendees are tuned in at all times, with their eyes open and mind alert. Staying focused can be tricky – especially if the agenda is full of facts, figures, strategies and endless spread sheets. After 15 years working in corporate events, I’ve picked up some top tips that together I like to call the ‘Bailbrook Business Bible’ – a fail safe checklist that ensures the smooth running of a meeting or conference. These top tips will make sure your delegates are alert and participate with plenty of bright ideas.

A good breakfast

Starting the day with a healthy, nutritious breakfast will leave colleagues full of energy and ready for the day’s schedule. Offering a selection of fruit juices, teas and coffees, breads and pastries, cereals and the option of a hot breakfast too means there’s brain food for everyone to tuck into as they prepare for the day ahead.

Regular coffee breaks and snacks

Scheduling regular breaks is essential for a successful AGM. For content-heavy meetings it is particularly important for attendees to take a five minute break and refresh their minds. Having a coffee break with snacks will do wonders. Not only does it give delegates a caffeine or a sugar boost but delegates can stretch their legs and return feeling focused, fresh and productive. Our coffee breaks offer a choice of healthy, savoury and sweet options for delegates to choose from.

Combining the boardroom with a teambuilding activity

After knuckling down and powering through a morning of boardroom-based work, offering a teambuilding exercise or activity will be a welcome change from laptops, projectors and PowerPoint presentations. They are a great way of boosting team morale, improving communications between colleagues and adding a bit of fun into the AGM mix. If a venue has outdoor space, a game of rounders, a tug of war, or even an assault course can be an entertaining exercise away from business chitter chatter. Bailbrook House Hotel offers plenty out of the ordinary – how about a Segway Tour, a visit Therme Bath Spa or even clay pigeon shooting? It’s worth checking with the Events Team about the kind of teambuilding activities they can accommodate.

Book an overnight delegates package

There’s nothing worse than being told you’ve got to go to a conference that is miles and miles away and that starts at 9am. Arriving flustered, tired, and perhaps late if traffic is less than perfect, and will do nothing for the productivity of your delegates. Offering overnight accommodation the night before the AGM will ensure delegates are rested and prepared after a good night’s sleep.

Using the local area

Why not take advantage of our glorious country and host an AGM in somewhere you’ve always wanted to visit? Whether it’s a countryside retreat, a seaside town or a bustling city, taking colleagues to somewhere with plenty to see and do will help ensure your delegates enthusiasm about the trip. Bailbrook House Hotel’s draw is its proximity to the world heritage site of Bath. Plenty of our visiting companies venture into Bath to visit its range of historical and cultural sites – as well as tour the shops for some retail therapy!

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Conference News hosts great guests on its pages. Our Blog section is the collection of the best opinions in the UK and international events industry.

ConferenceNews Guest Author


ConferenceNews Guest Author

Conference News hosts great guests on its pages. Our Blog section is the collection of the best opinions in the UK and international events industry.

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