Brighton Centre upgrades radio system ahead of Labour Party conference

Technology company, Simoco, has been hired by the Brighton Centre, the venue for this month’s Labour Party Conference, to upgrade its professional mobile radio (PMR) system to the latest digital standard.
The new system, which is to be installed through Simoco partner Chatterbox, includes base stations and portable hand held terminals providing critical communication across the venue.
Simoco Xd offers a number of benefits for the centre including simultaneous calls for user groups with no queuing and interoperability within the system allowing extra capacity for external users during busy periods. South London-based Chatterbox will provide on-going support and also the provision of additional rental portable radios for use by conference organisers.
The Simoco Xd replaces an ageing Motorola system and has been designed to provide two-way communications to facilities management teams, catering and support staff throughout the venue. It also eradicates previous issues related to poor signal coverage in remote zones.
Using DMR technology, the Simoco Xd provides more reliable coverage right to the edge of the signal range which is an important factor for public safety and efficient operational management. Furthermore coverage can even be extended to provide radio communication to some of the local hotels so that delegates can stay in touch even when away from the venue.
The new infrastructure was ordered in time for the 2013 Labour Party Conference this autumn.
“Radio communication is critical to the safe and successful management of the venue,” says The Brighton Centre’s Business and Operations Manager, Penny Parker. “We have recently invested heavily in technology and were one of the first venues to provide free Wi-Fi.
“With the upgrade to DMR we will have reliable two-way push-to-talk radio communications throughout the site.”
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