Top tips to get the most out of being a Hosted Buyer

As the
Hosted Buyer Manager for EIBTM at Reed Travel Exhibitions, I wanted to share
some tips for making the most of the Hosted Buyer programme. There is a lot
more to it than putting a group of meetings industry professionals on a plane
with their diary of appointments and hoping each of them gets on with it during
the show, while we put our feet up in Barcelona!

We recognise that the buyers experience and achievement of
their personal business objectives is at the heart of a successful exhibition
for everyone. We believe the key to this is working to ensure that the
experience is as enjoyable and stress free as possible, whilst delivering a
tailored programme and the highest level of return on investment possible in
terms of the number of business opportunities available for each buyer at the

Here are our top tips:

Tip #1 – Work with us to plan your trip and alleviate ‘time’
pressures. Time is, we believe a key factor facing the professional meeting
planner so, the team talks to buyers and group coordinators from the outset
about how they want their trip to be planned – right down to their required
time in Barcelona to undertake their business appointments at the show.

While at the show buyers can stay connected to the office
and key clients using free Wi-Fi.

The EIBTM Hosted Buyer lounges located in 3 areas of the
show floor provide space for buyers to connect and work remotely, effectively.
The lounges are designed to give buyers a quiet place to relax between
appointments and a touch point with other buyers. Complimentary refreshments,
pastries and lunch are provided to fuel you for the busy day ahead.

Tip #2 – Find out about flexible travel options to suit you.
Travel to and from an event, is just as important as time spent at it.  The EIBTM Hosted Buyer team work to deliver
seamless travel arrangements – for example; from the UK we provide flights from
every airport that flies to Barcelona in line with the show dates/times.  But for those buyers who aren’t located near
to one of these departure points, we offer flexible attendance option to help
alleviate the time constraints and the transfers from home to the closest
airport departure point in the UK. We also have a dedicated EIBTM charter
flight, which we use for all of our buyers who are travelling from Gatwick.

Tip #3 – To be or not to be part of a group, the choice is
yours.  Hosted Buyers often wait to
receive an invitation from a group coordinator before registering to attend EIBTM.
Buyers attending as a member of a group benefit from a group agenda in addition
to the EIBTM pre-scheduled appointments, but please remember EIBTM offers
buyers the opportunity to register individually, without an invitation, as part
of the ‘EIBTM Group’ and encourage buyers to build their own schedule from the
networking events available, beyond the pre-scheduled appointments.

Tip #4 – Take advantage of the cost and time saving
opportunities that the Hosted Buyer programme offers and reduce the number of
overseas meetings and calls you make to organise your events.  Last year, Hosted Buyers arranged a further
10,000 appointments in addition to the appointments they are required to attend
making the most of the 4+ hours available on the show floor following required
appointments.  This proves the importance
of a variety of new business, learning and interactive opportunities which should
be available for buyers to explore, making the most of their free time at the
show – business opportunities may arise when you least expect them.

Tip #5 – Make the most of some downtime! As much as we are
all at a show to do business and make the most of the business resources
available, it is also important to set aside some time to relax and enjoy what
a host city has to offer. EIBTM delivers a social programme year-on-year, which
is tailored to showcasing Barcelona’s as well as creating a platform for
informal peer-to-peer networking.

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ConferenceNews Guest Author


ConferenceNews Guest Author

Conference News hosts great guests on its pages. Our Blog section is the collection of the best opinions in the UK and international events industry.

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