BDRC to provide mystery shopping and benchmarking for HBAA

The Hotel Booking Agents Association (HBAA) has partnered with benchmarking company, BDRC Continental, to provide mystery shopping and benchmarked rankings for its agency members.
Included as a new benefit to membership, all agency members will be mystery shopped by the specialist agency to assess the level of client service employed when dealing with a new business enquiry. The benchmarking will evaluate the speed and efficiency of the primary customer connection, the agency’s assessment of initial client needs, the manner and approach to the call, and the follow-up provided to the enquiry.
Benchmarking has been employed by the hotel membership for some time, and BDRC Continental provides this service to all the major hotel groups.
This will be an on-going annual process with four interventions per year. The results of the benchmarking will also be used to judge the ’HBAA Agency of the Year’ award, making it the most objective recognition of agency performance in the industry.
“My objectives for the HBAA this year are well known, I hope,” says Chris Parnham, Chairman of the HBAA (pictured).

“I have promised to deliver more value to members, more inclusion for all members, more relevant content at meetings, and more training. This is an example of delivering more value to membership, as this whole benchmarking project is delivered free to agent members, and is a new benefit to continued membership.
“It would actually cost a small agency more to conduct their own benchmarking project than it would cost them to join the HBAA and get it for free, so I am also hoping this will attract more small agents to the association.”
Under Parnham’s Chairmanship this year, the HBAA has already welcomed venue members onto the Executive team for the first time, re-invigorated the members meeting agenda, and altered the HBAA’s image to make the association more dynamic and meaningful for today’s challenges.
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