Crowne Plaza Leeds takes children into the boardroom

Crowne Plaza Leeds has launched a new pilot scheme to get local school children into the boardroom for a head start in business.

The hotel is offering schools in local areas free meeting rooms to hold classroom meetings where children will take part in child-friendly presentations in front of classmates with ’Apprentice’ style tips from General Manager of Crowne Plaza Matt Byram.

“Getting kids into the boardroom may seem like an unusual idea, but we believed that the confidence they’ll gain from being in a boardroom environment will provide great skills for the future,” says Byram. “As part of our ongoing community relations project we are excited to offer the dedicated meetings rooms in our conference facility and the advice of our meetings and events team to our local schools and pupils.”

Crowne Plaza has teamed up with Senior Lecturer in psychology, David Holmes at Manchester Metropolitan University, to highlight the need for children to begin thinking about, and training for, business and business meetings from a young age.

“An innovative scheme like this will have far reaching benefits for the children participating. Not only will the children gain immediate skills in learning the manner, formalities and process of meetings, but they will gain longer-lasting skills, which will form the building blocks for more successful academic and occupational careers,” says Holmes.

“They will gain presentation skills and the ability to interact successfully with adults as well as those in senior positions. These skills will not only lay the foundation for success in future job interviews or presentations at school but will nurture the ability to be competent at social networking or at formal events. The earlier such skills and confidence are gained in life, the greater the positive knock-on effect will be in forming the building blocks of leadership and success in many avenues,” Holmes adds.

As part of the initiative, Crowne Plaza Leeds will open the doors to its meeting and conference rooms to local school children between the ages of 10 and 14, who have expressed an interest in business and would benefit from learning key presentation skills.

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