Carlson Wagonlit Travel produces Travel Stress Index tool

Corporate travel management company Carlson Wagonlit Travel has produced a Travel Stress Index tool (TSI), which measures the financial impact of lost productivity incurred through trip-related stress.
The latest findings from CWT indicate that traveller-focused policies, taking into account the impact of trip-related stress, could help companies improve traveller wellbeing at the same time as improving corporate productivity by up to 32 per cent.
The research indicated that, while stress cannot be reduced beyond a certain limit, steps can be taken to significantly improve traveller wellbeing and, in doing so, increase traveller productivity when on the go.
“By identifying which stressors are causing the most pain for a particular segment of travellers, we can recommend specific solutions to enhance the traveller experience and improve productivity. It could be advising on connectivity solutions for each stage of a trip or recommending a specific carrier based on on-time or lost-luggage performances,” says Vincent Lebunetel, Head of CWT Solutions Group, Europe, Middle East and Africa.
Using the TSI, CWT Solutions Group can now assess a company’s trip-related stress level, benchmark it against industry norms and provide recommendations to help clients tackle the hidden costs of business travel while addressing their duty of care responsibilities. CWT believes the possible lost time for a company taking an average of 5,000 trips per year represents US$3.3m; of which, US$1.1m could be saved through improved traveller productivity.
“By creating policies that are centred on people, their profiles, needs and their reactions to different stress triggers, companies can help travellers focus on the fundamental reason for their trip: doing business,” Lebunetel adds.
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